Although reactive oxygen species (ROS) have traditionally been associated with a harmful effect on the cell, the importance of ROS for the regulation of cellular signalling and genetic expression has recently been exposed. The group lead by Dr Angel Hernández Hernández is interested in the role of ROS as second messengers in hematopoietic differentiation. Our research shows that the generation of ROS by the NADPH oxidase family is required for megakaryocytic differentiation, so we are now focusing on its mechanism. In addition, as tumour cells have a higher level of ROS than normal cells, an interesting antitumour strategy would be to modulate said levels. To that effect we are currently studying the possible use of NADPH oxidase as therapeutic targets in leukemia.

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    Ángel Hernández Hernández

    Universidad de Salamanca

Research team:
  • David Cabrera Riofrío
  • Carla Ijurko Valeta
  • Rodrigo Prieto Bermejo
  • Ester Rodero Casquero
  • Marta Romo González
  • Lucía Santos Sendín
Research associates:
  • Clara García Calvo

Research focus:

  • Role of reactive oxygen species in hematopoiesis.
  • Use of NADPH oxidase as therapeutic targets in cancer.


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