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    Jesús Mª Hernández Rivas

Research team:
  • María Abaigar Alvarado
  • Rocío Benito Sánchez
  • Juan Luis García Hernández
  • Mª Teresa González Martínez
  • María Hernández Sánchez
  • Kamila Janusz
  • José Luis Ordóñez García
  • Inmaculada Serramito Gómez
Support staff:
  • Eva Lumbreras González
Research associates:
  • Ignacio García-Tuñón Llanio
  • Fernando Lobato Alejano
  • Marta Martín Izquierdo
  • María Matorra Miguel
  • Adrian Montaño Brioso
  • Claudia Pérez Carretero
  • Miguel Quijada Álamo
  • Alejandro Rodríguez Iglesias
  • Ana Eugenia Rodríguez Vicente
  • Sofía María Toribio Castelló
  • Sonia Corchete Sánchez
Technical associates:
  • María J. Del Pozo Hernández
  • Ana B. Díaz Martín
  • Micaela Fonseca García
  • Sara González Briones
  • Mª Ángeles Hernández García
  • María Almudena Martín Martín
  • Jhonatan Matías Martín
  • Cristina Miguel García
  • Sandra Pujante Fernández
  • Mª Ángeles Ramos Rodríguez
  • Irene Rodríguez Iglesias
  • Sandra Santos Mínguez
  • Ana María Simon Muñoz
  • Ángela Villaverde Ramiro

Research focus:

  • Determination of molecular markers with a diagnostic and prognostic interest in malignant haematological disorders and solid tumours.
  • Identification of genetic mechanisms related to the pathogenesis of malignant haematological disorders.
  • Inclusion of new methods for mass genetic analysis (microarrays and sequencing) in the study of human neoplasia.


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