Dr Rogelio González Sarmiento


Dr Miguel Marcos Martín


    • Dr Ángeles Almeida Parra
    • Two coordinators (clinical and basic) for each research theme:
  • Cancer:
-    Dr Juan Jesús Cruz Hernández 
-    Dr Pedro Alfonso Lazo-Zbibowski Taracena
  • Cardiovascular:
-    Dr Pedro Luis Sánchez Fernández 
-    Dr Carlos Martínez Salgado
  • Neuroscience:
-    Dr José Carlos Gómez Sánchez
-    Dr Manuel Sánchez Malmierca
  • Infection, Inflammation, Metabolism and Degenerative Disorders:
-    Dr Ignacio Dávila González
-    Dr jose Juan García Marín
  • Gene and Cellular Therapies:
-    Dr Fermín Sánchez-Guijo Martín
-    Dr José Aijón Noguera
  • Primary Care, Public Health and Pharmacology:
-    Dr Luis García Ortiz
-    Dr José Manuel González de Buitrago Arriero

  • Dr José Alberto Orfao de Matos Correia e Vale, Platform Coordinator.
  • Dr Marcos González Díaz, Clinical Trials Manager of IBSAL.
  • Dr Mª Isabel Rihuete Galve, President of the IBSAL Subcommittee for Nursing.
  • Dr Fermín Sánchez-Guijo Martín, Training Coordinator of IBSAL.
  • Dr Francisco J. López Hernández, Innovation Coordinator of IBSAL
  • Dr Jose Mª de Dios Hernández, Department for Primary Health Care of Salamanca.
  • Dra. María Belén Vidriales Vicente, Technical Secretary of the CEIm
  • Mrs. Laura Pérez Silva, Representative Predoctoral Researchers of IBSAL
  • Dra. Sandra Muntión Olave, Representative Postdoctoral Researchers of IBSAL

Two members appointed by reason of the post they hold:

  • Dr Pedro Gómez de Quero, Medical Director of the University Hospital of Salamanca.
  • Dr Mª Carmen Díaz Castro, Chief Nurse of the University Hospital of Salamanca.

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