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    Mercedes Garayoa Berrueta

    Universidad de Salamanca

Research Team:
  • Bárbara Castellanos García
  • Andrea Díaz Tejedor
  • Marta González Rodríguez
  • Mauro Lorenzo Mohamed
  • María Teresa Paíno Gómez
  • Noemí Puig Morón
  • Janet Sotolongo Ravelo
Research associates:
  • Cristina Agulló Roca
  • Carmen Martín Seisdedos
Technical staff:
  • --
Technical associates:
  • Sergio Castro Sánchez
  • Lorena González Méndez
  • Mª Montserrat Martín Sánchez

Research focus:

  • Study the interaction of myeloma cells with the bone marrow microenvironment, especially with mesenchymal stromal cells, to identify molecules that could participate in the physiopathology of multiple myeloma

    and cells of the immune system..

  • Clarify the role played by exosomes as paracrine mediators in multiple myeloma tumour-microenvironment interactions, and explore the potential value of circulating exosomes as biomarkers for the diagnosis, prognosis or response.
  • Pre-clinical testing of anti-myeloma drugs or drugs that can have a beneficial effect on osteolytic lesions linked with myeloma or other conditions (anabolic effect and/or resorption inhibitor).
  • Describe the efficacy and mechanisms of action of novel immunotherapy agents (isolated or in combination) using in vitro and in vivo models (development of humanized murine models).


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